Wedding transportation can often be secluded to the murky depths of the dreaded wedding to-do list. You know you want to make an entrance, but how seems to be the reoccurring question. Whether it be a groom’s dream trip in an iconic replica or a stylish mode of transport to enhance your photographs, wedding transport can undoubtedly make your day that little bit more special. Take a look through our favourite alternative wedding transportation options that are sure to wow your guests.

  1. Helicopter

For many couples, the idea of a helicopter at their wedding is nothing but a distant fantasy splashed over the covers of luxury magazines. After all, the cost of hiring a helicopter is sure to be out of your budget, right? This is not entirely true; helicopter hire is much more affordable than one might first believe and has become a popular option for our clients here at Phantom Scotland. Granted, securing a helicopter for a great price does take organisation, make sure you establish written permission from the owners of your departure/landing site. However, for many couples it is an affordable option and never fails to impress your guests.

  1. Iconic Replicas

The idea of traditional wedding transportation is outdated for some. The option for personalisation on your big day is becoming increasingly popular amongst Phantom Scotland clients. Special days provoke special memories which are often wished to be relived or remembered on a wedding day. A lot of couples choose to share their memories with each other in tangible form and so replica cars are a perfect way to do so. At Phantom, our replica A-Team van has proved most popular in this field, often favoured by grooms for its uncanny likeness and state-of-the-art sound system. Take a look through our gallery for more pictures of this iconic van.

  1. Vintage Cars

With the rise of boho-chic and vintage themed weddings the demand for classic cars has soared. However, vintage cars do not lend themselves solely to a themed wedding, they offer the perfect opportunity for a memorable entrance and an unforgettable experience on your big day. Our Buick Riviera is one of the most iconic cars of the 1960s, instantly recognisable by its sleek curves and gorgeous pastels. Everything about this car screams experience from the skull chained steering wheel, bright blue carpeted interior to the underbelly lights. For an experience truly unique to you and your partner, the Buick Riviera is surely a great option.

  1. Private Jet

While it may not be possible to arrive directly to your wedding venue in a private jet, it certainly does add A LOT of sparkle and glamour to your big day. Whether its for a honeymoon trip or just for the experience, a private jet has to be the ultimate experience for you and your partner. From experience, we know it’s more affordable than one might think.  A great tip to avoid disappointment- if considering booking a private jet, make sure you enquire well in advance.