Your Guide to Booking Wedding Transportation

Your Guide to Booking Wedding Transportation

So, you’ve booked the venue, finalised your guest lists and found the dress but what about your wedding transport? Let Phantom Scotland help ease some of that pressure with our checklist of things to consider before booking your wedding transportation.


  1. Consider Your Party Size

This may seem fairly obvious, however, from experience we know it can be common to forget that you’ve got 7 bridesmaids to transport to the venue and not just yourself. Think carefully about everyone that needs transport for example, groom, groomsmen, mother of the bride etc. and where they will need to be picked up from/taken to. This will save you time when enquiring about transportation services and service suppliers will be able to give you a more accurate price from the beginning.


  1. Consider Your Theme/Vibe

It may be useful to consider the theme or vibe of your wedding before you enquire about transportation methods. For example, is your wedding traditional, modern, festival themed or boho chic? Even if you don’t know what transportation methods you like having a clear idea of your theme can help service provides give useful advice and suggestions.


  1. How Long Do You Need Transportation For?

Most wedding transport hire offers two packages, a full day or a half day. Half days are usually 4 hours, perfect if your venue is close by and you need only one drop off. However, if your venue is further away and your ceremony and reception are taking part in different places you may wish to consider a full day package. Often there is not too much difference in price, so it may be more beneficial to take a full day package and have time to enjoy the car. You can always ask your service provider for a quote or advice if you are unsure.


  1. Think Outside the Box

Don’t be restricted to traditional methods of transport. Your wedding day should be special and memorable, unique to you and your partner. At Phantom, we offer a diverse range of transport for something a little different including an A-Team replica van, helicopters and on request, can arrange for boat hire. Got another idea? Contact us we specialise in securing alternative transport options.